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Le Monde International School

Le Monde International School


On October 15th we will host our 2nd annual Move-a-Thon. What is a Move-a-Thon? It is Le Monde's version of a” jog a thon” school fundraiser hosted by PTO. Last year the students participated in an obstacle course themed move-a-thon where students tried to complete as many obstacle course stations as possible. Friends and family could pledge per obstacle completed or a flat donation. On October 15th, Le Monde will host it's 2nd annual Move-a-Thon. This year we are excited to announce the theme will be Olympic events! There will be six events that the students will compete in and family and friends can pledge per completed participation in Olympic event. More details to come on events and the online platform called PledgeStar that we use for supporters to make their pledge/donation to your students.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We cherish community involvement and are always looking for volunteers! If you would like to join our effort to create this school, we have several committees and other volunteer opportunities. Please email with your ideas and how you would like to be involved.


Covid – 19 Plan

  • When there is a positive case of COVID-19 at a school, those determined to have been in close contact with the individual will be personally notified and provided with quarantine information.
  • Additionally, the entire school will be notified of the positive case.
  • We are following guidance from the CDC and the Oklahoma State Department of Health on notification protocols to ensure compliance with FERPA and HIPPA privacy laws and to protect the identity and confidentiality of individuals who test positive for COVID-19.



2021-2022 School Calendar

2021-2022 School Calendar

Posted Date: 09/28/2021

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