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Open Transfer

Open Transfer


With the enactment of Senate Bill 783 (2021), the Legislature made comprehensive reforms to Oklahoma’s school transfer laws, namely revising the requirements for accepting and denying student transfers and requiring school districts to set and list enrollment capacities on their websites. Below you will find the number of open seats at Le Monde:

Grade  Open Seats
Pre-K  2
Kindergarten 1
1st Grade 10
2nd Grade 0
3rd Grade  0
4th Grade  0
5th Grade 0
6th Grade  5
7th Grade  5
8th Grade 0


To request a transfer, simply complete the form below and provide it to the desired receiving district. Individuals without consistent internet access may obtain the form from the local school district of residency or print it directly from OSDE's website. For questions regarding how to submit a transfer application, please contact your local school district or visit

Student Transfer Application Form