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Panther Den

The Panther Den
Le Monde will offers a Before Care Program for Pre-k-6th grade students.
The Panther Den is a before school care program that allows children to stay at school. This convenient program is affordable and offers premium care for children in grades pre-K through 7.
Our goal is to provide a safe environment while meeting the needs of your child in your absence. Our programs are staffed primarily by school faculty/staff and service is provided to children enrolled at Le Monde.

Operating hours are from 6:45am to 7:40am

The tuition is based on the number of days school is in session for the month. The weekly rate is $37.50. The monthly calendar will have the computed cost for the month. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $20.00 for the first child plus $15.00 for each additional child will be charged per school year.

*Drop in Charge is $10 per day
• All fees are due by the first of each month, or payable every Monday. A $5.00 per day late fee is assessed for payments which are late. Anyone with overdue fees (5 School Days) will not be allowed to participate.
• Should the school close due to inclement weather, you will not be charged for that day. 
• The charge for return checks will be $20.00. After a returned check, only money orders or cash will be accepted. A child cannot participate if a returned check has not been taken care of within five days.
 • There is no reduced rate for children who are ill or absent.
Morning care will be held in the cafeteria. You may park on the side of the building and enter the South side cafeteria doors (double blue doors). You may pull up to the curb to walk your child into the building. You must come in to sign in your child every day.

• All Le Monde International school policies will be followed during Panther Den hours. 
• The Panther Den reserves the right to refuse service to a child who is unable to cooperate with staff and/or other students or who is destructive to property.