Who We Are

Who We Are & Why We're Starting Le Monde

Loida  Salmond, president of the founding board for the application

"After exhausting all options to save the French Immersion program, we felt strongly that the enhanced academic performance was too apparent and did not want to see that diminish.  Research on language immersion shows the ability to develop better cognitive and communication skills, and overall increased test scores.  These are some of the benefits that Le Monde International School will provide. By having our daughter be a part of the French Partial Immersion program for the last four years, I can attest to the education differences. It has been amazing to see her ability to think, speak and read in another language and see her keen sense of awareness toward other cultures become more evident. We created Le Monde International because we believe not only in the enhanced innovative educational value that it will bring, but also the importance of embracing different cultures.  This investment in our children, who are our future, will have a competitive edge not only in our community but in the global society."

Jody Britt, vice-president of the founding board for the application

"I believe early foreign language education is a necessity, as we raise our daughter in an ever-increasing global society. We want her to realize the academic benefits and cognitive advantages that come from learning a foreign language as a native speaker. I believe this is an essential part of early childhood education."

Jennifer Clark, secretary of the founding board for the application

"I believe that immersion education is important to provide greater academic and professional opportunities for Oklahoma students.  I would also like to see language education be available on a broader scale to students in Norman."

Lindsay Crossley, treasurer of the founding board for the application

"After our daughter's short time in the partial French immersion program we realized the tremendous impact it had on her education. She was more culturally aware and was enjoying learning a second language. Recent studies have shown that full language immersion programs promote higher cognitive skills and higher standardized testing scores. With all the added academic benefits for full language immersion, it made sense for us to create a school that offered this option to students and parents.  We are motivated to provide Oklahoma's children with the opportunity to achieve their potential."

Leila Baiod, French teacher and board member

"I have been teaching French for more than seventeen years. I have taught in elementary school and in middle school, from beginners to advanced students. In Norman, Oklahoma I found my students as well as their parents to be very passionate about learning French. Passionate for good reasons. As established elsewhere, kids will certainly gain a lot from a bilingual education, especially when started early. They will be better prepared for the global village we live in, more open-minded to different cultures.  They will be better thinkers and perform better in other endeavors, in mathematics, English, or other subjects. As for French, it is a world language, a language of culture, science, and business. It is spoken in so many countries of Europe, Africa, and America."

Julie Chang, board member

"I got involved in creating Le Monde International School after the French Partial Immersion Program at Reagan Elementary School, where my daughter attended, was discontinued.  I strongly believe in the benefits of language immersion, including increased academic ability and increased job opportunities.  I wanted to do everything I could to give my children the opportunity to learn a second language at a young age."

Christian Ditumbule, French teacher and board member

"Bilingual education can only benefit and strengthen our children's education. We should seize the opportunity to offer it to our children when the opportunity presents itself – as is the case with the creation of Le Monde International School."

Shannon Dukes, board member

"I see passion in my son to learn French, so I'm advocating for an opportunity for him to have that chance. Just like any parent who has a child playing sports, singing in the choir, playing a musical instrument, etc., when you see hard work and dedication, you look for a program to support that effort!"