Le Monde International School is a public charter PK-8 full-immersion language school starting in the fall of 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma. Our vision is to educate students to understand, contribute to, and thrive in an interdependent world. We will foster a spirit of inquiry, service, and social responsibility to the environment, the local community, and the global society.

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A group of parents and teachers from Reagan Elementary’s discontinued Partial French Immersion Program have submitted an application to Norman Public Schools to sponsor a public charter school, Le Monde International School, to continue the vision of foreign language immersion education in Norman, Oklahoma. Once approved, the vision for the school would include kindergarten through 6th grade in French, kindergarten and 1st grade in Spanish, with the plan to add one grade each year, and possibly add more languages as the school evolves. The application process and school formation would take place over the 2016-2017 school year, with a goal to open the school in August 2017.

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“Le Monde was formed by a group of parents who are dedicated to language education and believe in the overall academic achievement that comes from language immersion early in a student’s academic career,” said Loida Salmond, president of Le Monde application public charter and parent to 5th grader previously enrolled in Reagan’s partial immersion program.

“We’ve seen our children thrive in this environment during their time at Reagan and wanted to continue the vision that Norman Public Schools set in motion. The public charter sponsorship would give us the opportunity and flexibility to build a school around foreign language and culture, allowing our students to complete their language education and offer an even broader program in Norman.”

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